Discover Gothic Quarter

Walk around the medieval Old Town and travel in time with the stories and legends from the past. See the most important monuments of the Gothic quarter.

Tour plan

Squaer of Angel- Church Sant Just & Pastor- Plaza Jaume I- remains of the Roman city (walls, Temple of August)- Plaza de Rei- Cathedral of Barcelona- Casa Adriaca- “el Call” old Jewish district- Basilica Santa Maria del Pi – Chocolate street- Palau Virreina- Market Boqueria.

Tour description

Our walk starts at Angel’s Square, from which we will start tracking down the remains of the Roman city: the city walls, the defense towers and the pagan temple of Augustus, which is over 2000 years old!

We will walk through Jaume I Square, the city’s center of political power, to get to the Royal Palace, the residence of the former Counts of Barcelona. At Nova Squier, we will try to take a picture of the entire Cathedral of St. Eulalia, the city’s gothic pearl.

In the labyrinth formed by the tiny curved streets of the Gothic quarter, we will discover various hidden gems: the first Christian church, which is also the most mysterious place in the city where there are more questions than answers, a house with an amazing mailbox that brings luck, or the beautiful square of St. Felip Neri with the church where Anthony Gaudi confessed before his death.  Our trip will end at the famous Boqueria market, where we will relax with a glass of Sangria.

All these streets, buildings and squares have their own stories and secrets that I will tell you. Don’t wait and travel in time with the Romans, Counts and former residents of Barcelona.

Tour details and prices

  • Duration: approx. 2.5 h
  • Price: 30 euro per person 
  • A glass of sangria is included in the price of the tour
  • The price of the tour does not include food, drinks or any entrances to buildings
  • Privat tour price
    • 80 euros for a group of 2 persons
    • 145 euros for a group of 4 persons