Places with soul

Barcelona is full of amazing buildings and historical places, but after all day sighting, you will just dream to sit in a nice restaurant or cocktail bar to relax. I prepared for you two propositions of the emblematic bar and restaurant that you can’t miss during your stay in Barcelona! Why? When you enter inside you will feel like you travel in the past with a time machine. Interesting?

Els Quatre Gats

Els Quatre Gats mean four cats, this restaurant is located in the Gothic quarter in a building called Casa Martin made by the famous architect Josep Puch & Cadafalch. Els 4 Gats soon became the most popular meeting place for all artists who lived or visited Barcelona. Apart from meetings, other shows, concerts, and exhibitions were organized. In 1898 the 17-year-old Pablo Picasso, a regular customer of the restaurant, organized his first exhibition.Besides this great painter, musicians such as Isaac Albéniz and his friends Enric Granados and Lluís Millet or architect Antoni Gaudi were clients of Cuatre Gats.

The owner Pere Romeu was a dreamer, not a practical businessman. Prices of food in the restaurant were very low and often customers got it for free. Over time this caused huge debts in Els 4 Gats. Therefore, six years after its inauguration, in June 1903, the tavern had to close the door to the surprise of all the people of Barcelona.
In 1970, three private companies, with the help of the city hall, reopened the Four Cats. The restaurants have preserved the decorations from the old times, and on the walls, you will find copies of paintings made by Ramon Casa and Pablo Picasso.

Bar Marsella

The Marsella bar is located in the Raval district and has been open since 1820. It is the oldest bar in Barcelona city. For almost 200 years of history, its interior has not changed, you can sit at the old curved wooden tables where Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway, and Salvador Dali sat while sipping hallucinogenic absinthe. To this day the Marsella bar’s specialty is absinthe, served in the traditional way, but it no longer has a narcotic effect.

American director George Lucas, impressed by Marsella, decided to shoot one of the scenes of the television series “Adventures of Young Indiana Jones” in the bar. Indiana Jones meets his friend Pablo Picasso in the Marsella bar and they plot together against German diplomats.

In 2013 the Marsella Bar was almost closed. the rental licenses expired and private investors wanted to buy the building. Thanks to the Barcelona residents who mobilized under the slogan “Save the Marsella Bar” , city council decid to save pice of history and bought the building for more than a million euros.